VFR Free Floatin M4 Rail System

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The new VFR AR15/M16 Rail System design allows you to modify the rails accomodating your preferred and individual operational needs.

  • Rails are Bolted into the Foregrip and Positioned in the Cone Shaped Recesses, Spaced 45 Degrees Apart, Allowing them to be Fitted at Any or All of Six Positions of the Foregrip.
  • Optimial Versatility- Rails Can Be Removed from the Base Rail
  • Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum, All Rails 1913 Mil Spec, Hard Coat Anodized
  • Use Only the Rails on the Desired Side and Selected Angle. Keeps it Slim for Optimal Grip and Comfort
  • While Secured, The Rails are “Rock Solid”, Due to our Superior Mounting Design
  • System Comprised of Two Pieces of Lightweight Aluminum Forearm Locked Against Each Other that Clamp the Barrel Nut, Maintaining Free-Floating Barrelfor Ultimate Precision
  • This Unique Style of Assembly is Ideal for Bipods, Grips, and Tactical Lights
  • Heavy Optics and Aiming Sights Require an Upper Rail to be Mounted, Which Attaches the Forearm to the Upper Receiver and Provides Two Locking Points, Barrel Nut and Upper Receiver
  • Easy to Mount, Requires no Gunsmith