DPR 16/4 Double Picatinny Rail

Κωδικός προϊόντος: DPR 16/4
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The versatile DPR 16/4 equips your rifle with a Dual Picatinny Rail, ideal for mounting of Flashlights and lasers.


  • Two Short Style Picatinny Rails, Each 45 Degrees Off of Center
  • May Be Positioned on Upper or Lower Segment of Handguard
  • Provides Superior Positioning for Operating Tactical Flash Lights or Lasers
  • Enables Mounting of Foregrip at 4:30- or 7:30-o’clock for Optimal Ergonomic Hand Positioning
  • Short Style Designed Rails Allow Most of the Handguard to Remain Unobstructed by Accessory Attachments
  • Built from Lightweight, Heavy-Duty, Reinforced Polymer Composite
  • Available in Black and Two Camouflage Colors: Olive Drab Green and Desert Tan


  • all M16/M4/AR15 standard handguards.