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  • Single Bladder construction
  • Bladder material: 1000 Denier Cordura with 3.5 oz/square yard Polyurethane
  • Main body/pockets and shoulder straps: 1000 Denier
  • Cordura with 1.5 oz/square yard Polyurethane
  • Pocket trim: 1680 Denier Nylon
  • Buoyancy: S-35 lbs/15.8 kg, M-38 lbs/17.2 kg, L-44 lbs/19.9 kg, XL-48 lbs/21.7 kg
  • Main releasable weight pockets: 15 lbs maximum each
  • Supplemental weight/accessory pockets with 1″ side release buckle hold 10 lbs each
  • Rear trim weight pockets hold 5 lbs each. Full flap adjustable security closure with 1″ Nylon webbing and side release buckle
  • Fully padded hard-back pack with carrying handle
  • Soft polymer “gripper” section inset in back pack to prevent tank slippage
  • Tank height adjustment strap: 1″ nylon webbing with Ladderlock adjustment
  • Standard tank band and Steel/Delrin cam buckle can be replaced with all steel upgrade by dealer or consumer
  • Cummerbund: Size adjustable padded nylon cummerbund with 2″ centre-pull side release buckle. Small zippered pocket at centre for car keys, C card. Also includes nickel/brass grommet for accessory attachment
  • Main shoulder strap adjustment buckle: 1.5″ side release
  • buckles with extended thumb ledge for easy loosening adjustment
  • D-Rings: 4 on shoulder straps (welded pre-bent stainless steel). 4 on hips (welded stainless steel)
  • Cargo holders on hips: 2 x 1.5″ side release buckles
  • Inflation: Corrugated rubber oral inflation (hose is neoprene rubber)
  • Auto-inflate choice of basic or premium inflator, or breathable inflator. Inflation system equipped with cable dump for rapid exhaust
  • Pull dump: One at right hip. Pull dump toggles are high contrast light charcoal color “T” handles for good visibility and easy location
  • Weight quick dump system: 15 lbs/6.8 kg per side, Velcro closure with high contrast light charcoal color “T” handles for good visibility and easy location
  • Chest strap: 1″ nylon with centre-pull side release buckle. Unique system allows easy strap location adjustment to avoid drysuit valve on chest
  • Accessory attachment grommets: Nickel plated brass – four on left pocket for knife or other accessory attachment, one on right pocket for retractable lanyard installation